July 22, 2016

Angela Hill

How District 1 candidates answer questions on public education:                  Angela Hill, Candidate, District 1

Families will pay more to live near high quality schools, unfortunately many of the Pompano Beach schools are consistently low rated, because of this Pompano loses tax dollars and higher property values to nearby cities.

It is imperative that schools serve the needs of our youth. My son has special needs; we understand how living by a quality school is valuable. We send him to an alternate school outside of Pompano in order to have his needs met. I believe the children of Pompano Beach have been severely undeserved. I would work with our school board representatives to help improve the schools for all children.

I would initiate a quarterly education summit where the parents, teachers, principals, PTA members, and school board members come together to float ideas and brainstorm on best practices. Together we can implement strategies from the community. We have a wealth of knowledge in our city and we can tap into those resources and come together as a unit to make our schools better. When people take active participation, they’re more invested in the outcome.

I would also seek to implement a scholarship, perhaps in the sum of $5,000, to be awarded to the school in Pompano Beach that increases its rating from year to year by the highest margin.

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