July 22, 2016

David Baumwald

How Pompano candidates answer questions on public education:                       David Baumwald, challenger for Mayor

As a proud step-father of a girl I have watched go from Deerfield High School, to Broward College, to Florida Atlantic University, I can say our schools do need improvement.

Since it is the mayor’s choice to set the vision for the future of the city, it is the mayor’s responsibility to the community to make certain that education comes first for all our children and families.

What I have seen in 35 years living in Pompano Beach, for at least the last 10 yrs. is that our mayor does not place education at this priority level, at least not on our “F” and “D” schools that exist.

In a great city like Pompano Beach, I feel that our children’s education is far more important than building a $19 million parking garage (even though it’s beautiful and iconic), or an additional $4 million to our golf course. And the list goes on.

If elected Mayor, I would work closely with the Broward County School Board and the parents of our children on funding our schools more appropriately. I plan to take an active role lobbying our legislature to upgrade our schools for needed equipment and modernization. We will ask the state to match city funds to improve the quality of teaching and school curriculum.

There are several ways to improve our school system. We will find them together as a community. “Pompano’s children are Pompano’s future”.

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