July 22, 2016

Dawne Richards

How District 1 candidates answer questions on public education:                     Dawne Richards, Candidate, District 1

Great public schools are critical to our economics.  Even though the schools are run by Broward County Public Schools, we know how important the quality of public schools is when people make decisions about where to live. Good schools in Pompano Beach are key components of our ability to attract new residents.

Sometimes government is best suited to drive these changes, sometimes local residents and businesses, sometimes public-private partnerships.

“Neighborhood United,” the successful private sector program started by Steve Larson, Pompano Beach Elementary School principal, is a public school initiative but a community-based program

What’s important is to evaluate the most effective strategy for the issue at hand, and proceed accordingly.  For example, I founded the East Pompano Civic Association because I believed that we, as residents of the neighborhood, were best suited to making immediate improvements, such as regular volunteer street cleanups.  If the problem had been an increase in crime, then a public/private partnership, such as a Neighborhood Watch program in conjunction with increased BSO patrols, might be best.  The key is to understand the issue, evaluate solutions, and choose the most effective and efficient path. There is rarely one best way to solve every issue. As a commissioner, while I will never forget who pays my salary, I’ll also ask that everyone do their part.

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