July 22, 2016

Fred Stacer

How District 1 candidates answer questions on public education:                      Fred Stacer, Candidate, District 1

Good public schools support the Pompano Beach economy by providing an educated work force, by attracting and keeping families with school age children and by attracting and keeping businesses who want both, an educated work force and employees who care about their families.  Good schools are vital to good communities.

Political advocacy and community participation are ways to improve the ratings for individual Pompano public schools

Commissioner Barry Dockswell is a member of the finance committee for Pompano Beach Elementary.  This type of advocacy by public officials demonstrates support for early education, the first rung of the ladder toward work force participation. This is a role I will take up should I become the District 1 commissioner.

Input from the public and from experts when changes are being considered are crucial to the decision making process.  My experience in public forums, planning & zoning board, the Mayor’s Stimulus Task Force, the budget review committee and the Community Redevelopment Agency have taught me how to be open to hear all sides of the issues that affect the public. A public servant must understand how to listen to constituents, how to set expectations for the input process and how to transition to actual decision-making.

This is not easy.  That is why experience in public service is so important.  You need to have a vision, be transparent and open in gathering information and be  willing to make the tough decisions.

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