July 22, 2016

John Cavanaugh

How District 1 candidates answer questions on public education:                        John Cavanaugh, Candidate, District 1

It is not hard to quantify how important the role of education is to the economics of the City of Pompano Beach. A solid foundation of public/private elementary and middle school offerings attract families who settle and make a decades-long investment in the community. They purchase homes, relocate or establish new businesses, fill local houses of worship, volunteer in community organizations and patronize local businesses.

Similarly, the presence of undergraduate/graduate institutions provide businesses with access to a quality candidate pool from which they can obtain high caliber talent. Emerging students with an entrepreneurial spirit push the envelope of innovation. With the proper encouragement, economic incentives and investment incubation they establish and grow small businesses – the lifeblood of any community.

Data compiled and published by the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics for the year 2013 also indicates young adults with a bachelor’s degree earn up to 103 percent more than their counterparts who obtained only a high school diploma. The City of Pompano Beach, in the midst of a redevelopment renaissance, would do well to actively recruit and encourage these graduates to join us in the family oriented and business friendly environment of “Florida’s Warmest Welcome!”

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