July 22, 2016

Michael Sobel

How District 1 candidates answer questions on public education:                 Michael Sobel, Candidate, District 1

While one of my opponents has publicly dismissed our city’s role in our schools as simply a ‘county problem,’ I firmly believe that as a community we get what we give.  Many of our most distinguished citizens are alumni of Pompano Beach Elementary and High School, and it was their experiences at our schools that returned dividends to our great city today.  As with all issues facing our city, I will always try to find a win-win solution, so long as we plan creatively and keep the best interests of our citizens at the forefront of our decision-making.

That is why my family and I have helped create an arts program at Pompano Beach Elementary to supplement a decreased budget. I’ve seen firsthand how giving our city’s kids something as simple as a paintbrush sparks imagination and spreads like wildfire. While the world is changing and budgets grow tighter, one of the best investments a community can make is in its children – they are the future.  If we can find $19 million for a parking garage, I believe that we can help supplement our schools in some fashion.  However it’s not just money that’s needed, but role models and volunteers to further encourage our students.  That is why I will continue working with our school’s teachers and parents to reach out to other community leaders to continue the rewarding work of giving back to our kids – whether it’s paintbrushes, backpacks or just a helping hand.

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