July 22, 2016

Patrick Jovanov

How Pompano candidates answer questions on public education:                  Patrick Jovanov, challenger for Mayor

As the city commission record reflects, I have been pleading about the dismal state of Pompano schools and Pompano children since 2009. Pompano Beach Elementary School has received “F” ratings for four consecutive years. [According to state records, Pompano Beach Elementary School was rated a “D” school this past spring.] The school has received unprecedented attention from the community, including the attention of the Chamber of Commerce, city staff, commissioners, fire rescue, school board, and the economic development counsel.

The net result of this concern has caused the school’s reading scores to drop from 71 pts in 2015 to 56 pts in 2016, a 20 percent decline. This intervention by nonparents has caused Pompano children irreparable damage. Possibly causing ruined lives for thousands of Pompano children, including mine and those that I know, forever. By my count, about 5,000 plus children’s lives ruined forever.

The solutions to these grave injustices committed toward  the thousands of defenseless Pompano children are available, but in Pompano Beach, elusive.

Make immediate changes to the schools. Much of the damage to the 5,000 children is irreparable.

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