December 13, 2016

FDOT meeting may hold key to A1A’s flooding issues

Hillsboro Beach – Town officials and representatives from the Florida Department of Transportation [FDOT] will meet Tuesday, Dec. 13, 5:30 p.m. at town hall to discuss improvements to A1A.

Of most concern to the town is reoccurring flooding on south A1A and the safety issues it presents for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Town Manager Bob Kellogg said any improvements will be years down the road, but he is hoping the commission can reach a consensus Tuesday that can be submitted to FDOT by a February deadline.

If that happens, the work could be included in a 2022 budget and there is a possibility of it happening even sooner Kellogg said.

He was scheduled to meet with FDOT this week to explore the various options and said an agenda for the meet will be available on Friday.

Town Commissioner Irene Kirdahy, who has been a liaison with FDOT, is encouraging public participation at the special meeting.

“They want us to prepare a proposal,” Kirdahy said. “Public input is important to the development of a reasonable plan.”

Police Chief Tom Nagy said the condos will be notified of the meeting this week; Kirdahy urged him to reach out to the single family homeowners, most of whom live on the south end.

-Judy Wilson

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