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  1. LETTER TO THE EDITOR May 13, 2017

    I read in the Pelican’s May 12, 2017 edition that the LBTS commission has decided to settle the ongoing pending litigation with the various properties in the north end of town.
    It just goes to show you that if you wait long enough a bad decision made under the table, out of the view of the LBTS taxpayers brought to the forefront can rise up again!
    We can see the same long held monotony of excuses are again being made to make a case for our taxpayer monies to be used to put sewers on private property in the Palm Club under the guise of health concerns and by uninformed and/or ill-informed LBTS elected officials who are enacting what was wrongly approved a decade ago by past LBTS elected officials.
    This approval will open the door for other private properties to ask for taxpayer funds for improvements citing this as precedent. I would recommend to my condominium to do so when we need a new lift station!
    As for the health issue excuse, once again we can look to Sea Ranch Lakes which is more centrally located in town and is on septic thus making this as a basis for taxpayers to foot the bill for this horizontal private condominium project a non-starter!
    The height increases for the properties on the east side in the future will add to the wind tunnels experienced by those living on the west of A1A to an even greater degree and run foul of the findings previously brought forth concerning other issues after annexation due the terms within it that called for that end of town to come under the LBTS zoning laws once it joins.
    There was nothing in the article that showed any public input at the first meeting after many shade sessions.
    With the passing of time, the after season timing of this most important agenda item, the changes with the current dais members and town staff and the lack of involved constituents who are in town and remember the past a bad deal for LBTS taxpayers will most likely be a done deal a decade later when this returns to the agenda for a 5-0 vote to proceed!
    Update- this is on the agenda for 5/23/17 and I have been iformed no notice was provided beyond the norm for commission meetings to allow for input from residents and taxpayers who will be impacted by this decision that runs counter to the annexation rules in effect at the time of adopting new zoning and charter rules upon joining LBTS as well what taxpayers should pay for on private property.
    Barbara Cole
    LBTS taxpayer/resident

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