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  1. Dear Editor: 5/27/17

    As predicted by this taxpayer the current LBTS commission has chosen to let the taxpayers pay the bill for sewers on private property and thwart the agreed to annexation terms that were put forth by the town, county and state which would include height limits!
    There was no way the town was going to lose a litigation that did not happen over the last 10+ years because it is not winnable!
    The Chicken Little defense was a tired one made by those who had or have come under the false narratives of those who partook in the back door deal made with false promises in order to make this annexation happen.
    One voting commissioner should have recused himself in this writer’s opinion due to past contact, aid and information with the claimant’s attorney prior to taking a seat on the dais during the ongoing suit.
    With the win of the Buz Oldaker in the last election made possible by the very group who will benefit from this decision coming after the purchase of the apartment building not long ago the LBTS parking garage is sure to finish up the trifecta that changes the town forever!
    Barbara Cole Resident/Taxpayer

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