One thought on “Read Friday, September 15, 2017 | The Pelican Newspaper

  1. It is interesting that the Town Manager told the commission per the Judy Vik article in this issue that trees downed by the hurricane on private property are not the Town’s responsibility. Especially when sewer lines on private property are! This is an opening salvo to show once that door opens for the Palm Club sewers it opens up for all LBTS private property owners to want the same. The ploy being used of septic tanks being a public safety issue to be used by paid lobbyist assistance ( see the LBTS Commission Lobbyist Special Meeting on Town website) in addition to the LBTS Capital Improvement Fund dollars allotted from the new budget should be a non-starter when it comes out that Sea Ranch Lakes located smack in the middle of LBTS has septic and there is no outcry for them to remove them or offer to pay for it!

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