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  1. Dear Editor,
    As a concerned resident and taxpayer in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea thank
    you for covering so many issues in this issue.
    The Chamber of Commerce is moving downtown leaving that building empty
    which comes ten years after resident Loyola Gray made that
    recommendation and years of wasted taxpayer funding for a dying
    visitor center.
    For a mere 35 parking places at a cost of $2.6 million dollars ( for
    the building alone) and misplacing many longterm renters we could and
    should have altered our sights with using the parking at the soon to
    be empty Chamber lot and surrounding property as well as other such
    properties and public street areas for town and beach access. This
    would have been especially prudent now that there are rather lofty
    goals of perhaps spending $20-40 million to massively increase the
    Town Hall and include parking even more in a small town with a small
    full year- round population for a few in-season months while we are
    still without all those new mega resorts on El Mar Drive for well over
    a decade.
    This Commission/ Administration are brazenly moving forward to make
    changes with new ordinances on items that are contained within the
    Town Charter when Charter items require a vote of the people. Asking
    forgiveness after the fact is not governing. The Town Manager/ Town
    Attorney should be presenting proven legal actions from the start to
    the dais and not charging ahead to see what sticks only after the
    judge rules or an individual/ condo association call them on ‘putting
    the cart before the horse’ as we’ve seen with the Palm Club sewers/
    north side height relaxation proposed settlement which now includes
    preemptively hiring a lobbyist firm and a new ordinance for a“
    contingency” plan concerning who and how to qualify if a district has
    no candidate in the allowed registration time period and what should
    transpire if a sudden wrench is thrown into the mix concerning
    political aspirations in the upcoming March election. Any Charter
    changes should be placed on the 2018 March ballot while there is still
    the time to do so.
    When the Town Hall is not actively rowdy and the blogs are on hiatus
    our elected officials and our hired administration should still act as
    if both are present and are holding them accountable!
    Barbara Cole
    LBTS resident/Taxpayer

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