One thought on “Read Friday, November 17, 2017 | The Pelican Newspaper

  1. It is really sad for this longtime supporter of Vice Mayor Mark Brown to see he is practicing “Politics 101” and resigning from his seat 2 years early to run for Mayor. What the Judy Vik article does not include is the impact such a change makes.
    I do not recall such an action in the past taking place and have sent an inquiry to the Town Manager to see what the Town Attorney has advised the Vice Mayor in order to proceed with his plans. The Charter states that the candidate who takes Brown’s seat will not be allowed the 2-4 year terms afforded to his/her predecessors and to those who come after them.
    I believe being the Mayor in our small town holds no special prestige beyond the title and sitting in the center seat that makes it worth slighting the voters who vote in a commissioner on good faith that he or she will serve the entire term they ran for barring ill health or relocation.
    There is no difference in the voting records of Brown and Vincent. This too is reason enough for this voter at this point in time to give Commissioner Vincent the edge along with factoring in that former Vice Mayor/Commissioner Vincent will have dutifully fulfilled his terms thus allowing his successor to have the full 8 years he had.

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