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  1. Letter To The Editor:
    After reading the front page of the Dec.1,2017 concerning the article on LBTS Vice Mayor Mark Brown and the header that it avoids the Town incurring costs from a special election I feel voters should be made aware that in doing so VM Brown has not done us any favor.
    In resigning early from his full second term to run for mayor he has presented the Town with unknown procedures that are now being addressed on the fly to accommodate his decision.
    While this is touched on in the article it is not expanded on to allow voters to know the real impact such as who will fill his vacated seat for at least four commission meetings or if he should be allowed to stay on an appointment and if he could/should retain his Vice Mayor title and the fact that according to the Town Charter his successor is not allowed 2-4 year terms as he and other commissioners receive.
    I spoke at the podium at the November 27, 2017 commission meeting asking once again that the commission put ballot questions on this March ballot while there is still time to do so to have rules in place for future elections 2 years from now. Not doing so means either a special election prior to 2020 or again will have no effect on the LBTS 2020 municipal election if it is put on that ballot.
    Previously when I sent emails to the Town staff and Commission on this and I received responses back from the Mayor and the Vice Mayor showing no inclination to put anything on this ballot. Vice Mayor Brown stated he is against it and stated I had 4 other commissioners to go to or I could get signatures as was done in the past.
    I was hoping this commission would be proactive and convene a special meeting as the Town Attorney stated they could do to get this on the ballot and clean up the Charter with a series of straightforward non-gotcha ballot questions contained in 50 words or less.
    These would be concerning the following-
    1.-The ability to resign from a seat early and if that commission member should be allowed another seat on the dais before their term would officially be over or if they would need to wait until after that 4 year term was up.
    2.-To allow their successor to have 2-4 year terms and if a mayor steps down to allow their successor to have 3-2 year terms- both are truncated in the present Charter.
    3.-To allow the Mayor to immediately run for commission after fulfilling their term limit as a commissioner is allowed to immediately run for mayor allowing for a 14 year term limit in the current Charter.
    4.-To clean up what to do about the North/South Districts – either removing them or if kept what to do if there is no candidate at the end of the January 7 day filing period to run.
    Barbara Cole

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