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  1. The December 12, 2017 LBTS Commission decided to go out for an appointed interim commissioner after Mayor Sasser strongly put forth that since the previous meeting on November 28th ALL of those who contacted or met with him stated an appointment should be made and the Vice Mayor should not be re-appointed after his early resignation from his seat. In his “swan song” as he stated it was, the Vice Mayor seemed surprised at this outcome. Voters want their elected officials to fulfill all their obligations including their full terms which Mark Brown has chosen to not do in order to run for Mayor.
    So far the costs for the time of the Town staff, Town Attorney and the commission including new ordinances to come up with could easily cost as much as the special election ( a mail -in special election ) Brown thinks he has saved us from in order to jump to the middle seat 2 years early. The now former Vice Mayor has now walked away for 3 months from the projects he so rightly touts are his major contributions to the town but are by no means finished. They just may stay that way if he is not elected Mayor in March unless his opponent makes it clear to the voters they will be most capably carried forth by him and others.
    Brown’s voting record and that of his only known opponent 2-term Commissioner/former Vice Mayor Vincent are basically the same with only one difference being Vincent will have waited his turn and finished the terms he promised to fulfill.
    The interim commissioner must be from the north/ not running for election/ not termed out without a 2 year gap afterward to allow for this appointment and be able to fill the actual requirements leaving just a few choices to make this happen in such a short window of time to try and thwart a sitting dais that would either be ineffective for their final 4 meetings due to a lack of a fifth vote or kicking the can down the road to March as to not make decisions due to the makeup left in Mark Brown’s early departure.
    The new dais needs to quickly put the election issues on the new agenda and have ballot items on the Nov. ballot to not have this situation arise again in 2 years as this situation was obviously one no one thought would happen just to sit in the center seat.

  2. Anne Siren’s editorial and the story concerning the CRA in Pompano Beach and purchases of private property which coincides with the same CRA led improvements was indeed an eye opener! As a longtime Floridian it is sad to see transparency thwarted from those in charge and only found out after concerning acts have taken place and were known by those who should have immediately made these acts public. Kudos for transparency and those who keep tabs on it for all!
    As a former Pompano resident and a current Lauderdale-By-The-Sea resident I have had those same concerns over the current “in the dark” situation of our current commission/staff actions in allowing millions of dollars for sewers on private property and allowing 2 large seafront properties in the long time annexed in north district to climb to 15 stories in the future under the “guise” of pending millions in a potential litigation loss that has been dormant litigation for a decade+ under Bert J Harris because there was/is no “there” there, in my opinion to make the case against the same decade + LBTS Charter and the the fact that taxpayer funds should not be used to benefit private property. Updates are needed.

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