One thought on “Read Friday, December 22, 2017 | The Pelican Newspaper

  1. The open letter from former LBTS Mayor Roseann Minnet to her supporters, neighbors and businesses was a classy, brilliant way to let so many know her decision that this upcoming election was not going to be her return to the dais. I have been asked if she would run again for Mayor or for Mark Brown’s seat (after he resigned over 2 years early to run for Mayor) so I can only imagine she was inundated with countless requests for her to run for a seat. I wish her well. I do hope that at least one if not more candidates take on some of the same independence she always had while they are campaigning and if they ultimately succeed to represent the residents, businesses and taxpayers to question issues that run counter to our Town Charter on heights and sewers on private property- now in the settlement stage, the increase in Town staff and contractors, the countless new and re-defined ordinances, the unnecessary land purchases and the very real bond issue for $20- $40 million dollars for a Town Hall /Public Safety Complex in a town that retains 3000+ year-round resident taxpayers.

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