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  1. I am very pleased to see that Edmund Malkoon has stepped up to run for Mark Brown’s seat after the former Vice Mayor resigned to run for Mayor without completing his full 2nd term. A term he was unopposed and re-elected for that has left Malkoon a truncated term in Brown’s quest for the Mayoral seat. There was a very real chance no one would take on a shortened term limit leaving the town in the lurch.
    There are some very disturbing deja-vu situations arising from this new territory we find ourselves in due to Brown’s aspirations that are concerning and one reason so many stepped into Town politics over a decade ago. It appears there has been information about the election provided ahead of time to Brown vs. other potential candidates. It sure looked like staff gave deference to his run for Mayor on the Town website after his official resignation on 12/13/17 that has now been removed after many people saw the wrongness of singularly “awarding” his resignation and touting his campaign for Mayor on the official Town website. Add to that the former Mayor Parker era removal of comments made about my intentions in this upcoming race made by Brown to Commissioner Sokolow during the break caught on camera at the 12/12/17 town commission meeting. After being informed they existed and acknowledging it in an email they were quickly wiped. Fortunately I have the original non-wiped meeting on my DVR! It is not a normal procedure for the Town to do such edits of the meetings .
    Politics 101- it’s always the coverup that gets you in trouble!
    The Town Manager and staff need to to be politically removed from the upcoming March race and not stray from the status quo to offer up any appearance of aid to any one candidate!

  2. Kudos to Editor Anne Siren on her coverage for Pompano Beach taxpayers to vote on a huge bond issue on their ballot!

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