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  1. The January 9, 2018 final day of filing to run for LBTS Commission closing results show that once again we have multiple unopposed candidates with the caveat that this time those unopposed are not returning for an additional term but are unopposed on their first term!
    It is unfortunate that this unopposed “thumbs up” for a 2nd term we have experienced since 2012 was not the case for Vice Mayor Elliot Sokolow who will be running against a new to town north district resident who has no prior town service and has no opposing views I have heard of to the voting record held by Sokolow who holds in-line voting records with other 2 commissioners running for Mayor in March.
    We should be thankful that unopposed candidate Edmund Malkoon who does have a long time history of town service as well as being a candidate previously in 2012 was appointed to sit in Mark Brown’s seat in the interim until he is confirmed after the election in March. This helps immensely with the 4 commission meeting gap left open when Brown quit his term to run for Mayor.
    This issue of who should be the next Mayor will be hard for voters due to the fact that both Brown and Chris Vincent have identical resumes on the dais – both were Vice Mayors- but Brown quit his VM term- Chris Vincent finished his- both were reelected unopposed but Brown quit his 2nd term-Chris Vincent finished his and is termed out from running for any seat but the mayors seat – Brown had 2+ more years before he would be termed out- leaving his option to run in 2020 for Mayor only – both headed up multiple town projects stemming from the new 2010 liaison program for commissioners which was put in place 2 years before Brown became commissioner in 2012- both have nearly the same voting record but Chris Vincent will have 8 years and Brown will have 2 months short of 6 years due to his sudden resignation.
    For many the question has to be does finishing your full 2nd term become the only way this decision can be made?

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