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  1. At the Lauderdale By The Sea Jan. 23,2018 Commission Meeting the big news not reported was the finding that a setback ordinance change was found moot due to improper publication required for it to take effect! The homeowners, opposing neighbors, commission and town staff, Town Boards ,Town Atty etc who were involved in this longterm situation incurring great costs of time and money were impacted in error! There could be other such ordinance oversights that are moot as well and need to be transparent in how they are dealt with to correct rather than a consent agenda style vote disregarding those similarly impacted .

  2. As a longtime supporter of former Vice Mayor Mark Brown it is hard to understand why he quit his seat to run for Mayor when he comes to public comments to speak as though he is still serving on the dais. As a resident who believes commissioners should honor their commitment it seems that fulfilling his and the very outreach projects he speaks out about now as a private citizen in no official capacity would have weighed heavily in his decision and should weigh heavily as well to the voters especially in light of the fact LBTS is not a strong mayor town and quiting a seat for another in the middle of your term has never happened in the history of our town.

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