One thought on “Read Friday, February 16, 2018 | The Pelican Newspaper

  1. The front page story concerning the El Mar Greenway Project does not accurately show that this project discussed since an ordinance in 2007 and a Master Plan Steering Committee led project prior to the present plan which was touted by Former VM Brown in July 2016 to start construction in 2018 and being aproved for engineering and design. From that time to a year later records show Brown speaking of moving it up with his influence and participation and variations of dollar amounts as well as grants and promises of all sorts leading up to a meeting on Aug. 10 2017 . Nothing was brought back until 6 months later with the Town Manager reporting “FDOT said no and MPO said ok” and that FDOT will go out for bid in 2020 and it would take 2 years to complete. A table of what the Town would pay for is almost everything ! This major town project could have been completed by now just as Commercial was if it was done with transparent oversight by those who led this project. The lighting is horrible on El Mar and this resident has been told for 2+ years this project was the reason we were waiting. Forget a Town Hall Complex find the right liaison commission member and group to start over and get it done!

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