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  1. Last night LBTS had their Candidate Forum and the takeaway for this resident/ voter is 2007 wants their candidate back! Mark Brown was a combination of the worst of Parker/ McIntee with false charges thrown out and falsehoods made in a boorish, manic style that if allowed him to continue it in the center seat on the dais he quit to ascend to essentially become a strong mayor who needs no fellow commissioners or staff would wipe out the progress and cohesiveness we have long seen in Town Hall over the last decade ! Voters need to see it first hand on the Town website and save this town from repeating history at its worst!

  2. At the LBTS Candidate Forum the difference between Vice Mayor Sokolow and his opponent Alan Bluestein was a reminder what happens when a candidate jumps in to running for “ fun” and a candidate who is asking for a 2nd term to continue to serve and offer representation based on experience and knowledge of the town! Vice Mayor Sokolow easily answered and exspoused all the questions put forth by residents as well as some from the League of Women Voters on impactful issues that our town may be dealing with. Candidate Bluestein was quite the opposite! Bluestein knew nothing and basically responded just that. He admitted he started attending commission meetings in October of 2017. He lacked even knowing how this town operates in all areas. He should have bowed out of this race and taken the time to learn and participate on Town boards before trying to represent those knowing far more than he does. With so much still to do we need to have Sokolow back on the dais to be assured of continuity of experience and knowledge !

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    I am very disappointed in the misleading headline in this issue of the Pelican claiming 2 Commissioner are running for Mayor of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea! Mark Brown is no longer a commissioner. He quit to run for Mayor. He does nor reveal that in his political profile which is just as dirty in this voter/ resident’s opinion as the campaign he has chosen to run. He has put out mailers that cherry pick imcomplete facts and sully those who preceed the seat he aspires to win! If his issues and plans for the beach were so important he would not have quit 2+ years early in his 2nd term! The Greenway El Mar project he espoused as happening in 2017/18 is not happening until 2020 at the earliest which were known in documents from 2016/17 but never revealed. His opponent has run a LBTS small town campaign that honors his fellow dais members . Being removed for the first time in over a decade from the campaign aspect of this LBTS municipal election it is sad to see Brown whom I helped when he ran in 2012 running to be a “Strong” Mayor in a town that turned their backs on that type of mayor a decade ago! I was taken aback when he quit which has never happened before in our Town history but as his campaign has progressed I see the Mark Brown pre- 2008 has risen up again! What a shame!

  4. I’m not quite sure who set the headlines for the Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Municipal Candidate articles in this week’s Pelican but it’s 2 for 2 when it comes to inaccuracy!
    For Seat 1 in District 1 it is not two equal candidates running as the heading states but an incumbent running for re- election with a newcomer as his opponent.
    Vice Mayor Sokolow is running for a 2nd 4- year term on a record in line with all those he served with with few exceptions. His opponent whom this longtime resident/ voter never heard of or seen in any capacity is not running on any opposing issues that would cause me to support him. I have watched Candidate Bluestein come late to commission meetings and turn down opportunities to address agenda items at the podium since he filed to run for Sokolow’s seat. I have seen where Bluestein has stated he wants to raise taxes and insinuate in my opinion that he should be elected because he’ll be living in LBTS a long time. To me that looks like an ageism charge against Sokolow. In his response to the question on parking in LBTS he states that when Pompano Pier is finished our town will no longer have a parking problem due to Pompano’s draw! We need representation to draw and keep people coming here. It’s too bad Vice Mayor Sokolow was not afforded the same 2nd term unopposed as so many he served with were along with continuing acknowledgement of being the only candidate up for re- election.

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