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  1. Lauderdale by the sea voters got it right! They elected Chris Vincent for Mayor and re- elected Elliot Sokolow for Commissioner ! The 1200+ voters were consistent to the previous March election percentages. The campaigns of both were exemplary leading to well deserved wins! Hopefully no other commissioner will gamble and quit their seat to run for mayor in the future seeing the results for doing so! A team of 5 on the dais is truly the small town LBTS is known for since 2010 and will be still on March 27th! Time for the newly sworn in to sit down with the 2010 plan the new Mayor had in hand after his first win and get back some of what seems to have been set aside to renew and revive the dais and thus extend out to the residents, businesses and staff. The liaison appointments will continue to serve us as well and continue to hold our representatives accountable again in 2 years!

  2. I received a call asking me why I thought Chris Vincent won and Mark Brown lost.
    In response I went through from start to finish the unfortunate gamble Mark Brown took in quitting his 2nd unopposed term as commissioner which had never been done before and finding no respectable reason in LBTS for doing so to become mayor in a non- strong mayor form of government. It left a bad taste for those who saw it only benefitted him at the expense of shortening the term of his replacement who fortunately was unopposed incurring no costs to run and then doing it again in 2 years. Some of the candidates spent close to $20,000 in this election which is more than a years salary on the commission for any position.
    I went on to give my opinion on the campaigns and the distinct difference of the Brown negative divisive throwback tactics vs the Vincent positive inclusive well received campaign. Their voting records were almost identical and their few differences used by Brown as his platform were reasonably and factually explained by Vincent using documented minutes and meetings.
    Another big factor in this race was there is no longer a “non-partisan” election in our town or anywhere else! Voters ask more often the candidates party and look online to find it. This party affiliation is even more a factor due to all the outside endorsements put forth and used in each of the candidate campaign materials and behind the scenes data gathering from higher levels of government.
    This Mayoral race was won by 73 votes which is not close by LBTS standards when compared by past town election wins.
    In addition, one big message received with this outcome is the north/ south districts need to remain intact!

  3. The Pelican and the voters got it right to return Vice Mayor Elliot Sokolow to a second term after a needless campaign vs a candidate who chose to jump in to this commission seat race without a parachute! VM Sokolow ran the most fiscally effective campaign in this election retaining a small town outreach with a single letter to voters and a single ad in the Pelican along with presenting his vast knowledge on any topic during his interviews and Candidate Forum. It was reminiscent of outgoing Mayor Scot Sasser having an unqualified opponent and like Sasser, Sokolow handled it all with respect for his opponent, voters and the process in order to represent all on the dais!
    As for his opponent Alan Bluestein hopefully his crash course during this election will lead him to apply for a Town board by April 6th along with other new interested residents for a path to becoming commissioner/ mayor in the future.

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