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  1. Dear Editorial Pelican Board :
    I would hope that voters of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea take the time if they have not voted to watch the Feb.26, 2018 Candidate Forum to make up their own minds and vote fully informed. The meeting this resident/voter watched and the one described and used for the endorsement on the LBTS candidates was skewed in what could only be in the eye of the beholder if basing it on this meeting for the Mayoral seat between former Commissioner Mark Brown and current Commissioner Chris Vincent.
    The Editorial endorsements perpetuates the falsehood put forth by a singularly combative Brown concerning the question given to them by the moderator concerning Brown’s decision to quit his seat 2 years early to run for mayor. Commissioner Vincent corrected Brown’s false assertion that Vincent should be required to resign. Brown and the Pelican should already have known that the Town website has a fact sheet concerning the rules to be on the 2018 ballot stating the fact that a sitting termed out commissioner has never had to resign to run and does not this election either. The Town Clerk , Supervisor of Elections and League of Women Voters also know Vincent had no such obligation and that his candidacy is of course valid! Never in the Town’s history has a commissioner quit to run for another seat mid-term and this idea perpetuated by Brown and your paper that he saved us from a special election doing us a favor is false. In quitting he cost taxpayers money for the Town staff, administration and commission time to figure out how to deal with this unheard of situation to accommodate Brown’s ascension to sit in the middle seat. He truncated the term of the commissioner who took his seat by 2 years.
    Brown is also false in his assertions and the Pelican joined in on the Greenway Project. He is on the record in 2015 and 2016 stating various dollar amounts that are not contained anywhere in contract form and stating years of 2017 and 2018 for the project to start on the dais. A Scope of Work document between the FDOT and the hired Consultant in 2017 shows the years of 2019 and start dates at the earliest of 2020 which were never presented by Brown on the dais before he quit.
    His Sea Oats liaison role was done with no “teeth” concerning maintenance after planting with no official document for property owners to receive until last month in a 2018 Resolution made and adopted after Brown was no longer in that liaison position. His Beach Management Plan was/is also an unknown and the Town is currently using neighboring municipalities for their Beach Management Plans to base one for our town on and move it up in the Action Plan where it laid dormant til now.
    I am probably one of the most disappointed residents in this town seeing the campaign Mark Brown has run! It is a throwback it is to a decade ago being based on false, baseless attacks and the kind of politics I thought were reserved for the county, state and federal level!
    My last comments were removed from the Pelican site ( I put them back on) and the Candidate Forum was removed and had to be recorded off a tv to put back on for replay on channel 78, the Town website and on Youtube.
    I thought this mayoral race would be based only on the quitting due to most of the voting record being the same for these candidates. I now believe it goes deeper to include what kind of campaign they ran which will offer voters a distinct difference of what kind of dais we will have. With Brown it will be a “Strong” Mayor despite the Town not having that kind of government and with Vincent he will continue to work with those beside him and continue on the progress we have seen since 2010.

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